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To golf St. George Utah means to enjoy breathtaking scenery… year-round sunshine… within a few hours of a couple major U.S. cities… and within driving distance of some of the country’s most spectacular national parks.

St. George is an oasis in the southern Utah desert. And offers fantastic golf at 12 diverse golf courses… St. George’s Red Rock Golf Trail… within a 15-minute drive of one another.

Whether you drive or fly into St. George, the first time you take in the surrounding scenery, you see an area probably unlike anything you’ve seen before. Red rock… along with black lava rock… astounding cloudless blue sky… broken up by white-walled gorges.

The first time I saw the area was many years ago. I was a freshman on the University of Utah JV football team. We left chilly Salt Lake City on a bus and headed south.

I can’t remember the month. Maybe October or November. It was a long trip at a time the speed limit was capped at 55 mph. An ill-fated and senseless government mandate of that era.

As we headed down the hill from Cedar City on into St. George, we could see the scenery changing dramatically. And when we got off the bus, pleasantly warm temperatures greeted us.

We played a game against Dixie JC on a “field” in the middle of the town’s rodeo grounds. I remember looking down as I got into my stance and seeing… between several sparse patches of grass… dried manure. Left over from the previous summer’s rodeo. Great for a garden but not a football field. Oh my how the area has changed.

My lovely bride and I even spent a few days there on our honeymoon. Before continuing on to Las Vegas of course. But over the last decade, the St. George area has been one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country.

It’s a great place to spend a vacation as you can play four or five very diverse golf courses without draining your bank account.

The St. George area golf courses are:

Bloomington Country Club

Coral Canyon

Entrada at Snow Canyon

Dixie Red Hills

Green Spring

Sand Hollow

Sky Mountain

Southgate Golf Club

St. George Golf Club

Sunbrook Golf Club

SunRiver Golf Club

The Ledges of Utah

Rod Besler

Author of an online guide about all the fantastic things Utah has to offer visitors. Written by a resident of more than 30 years who came here from with no intention of staying long-term and is still living and playing here.


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